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Physician-Only Chemical Peels

What are the benefits of a physician-only peel?

Chemical peels can target dullness, fines lines and wrinkles and other signs of photo-aged skin, such as pigmentation and rough texture. They’re also great for treating inflammatory conditions such as acne and acne scarring.

They work by breaking down the bonds between skin cells and causing exfoliation. Depending on the type of peel they penetrate to different depths.

Superficial peels penetrate to the epidermis only.
Medium depth peels penetrate through the epidermis to the papillary dermis.
Deep peels penetrate all the way through the epidermis and papillary dermis to the reticular dermis beneath. These have the greatest exfoliative effect.

What Can I Expect From Chemical Peel?

Peels work best when you’ve prepped your skin beforehand. If you decide a peel is for you, then I’ll work closely with you to get your skin ready with a selected regime of actives that work to prepare and protect your skin before your series of peels.

On the day of the peel, it’s completely normal to experience some stinging or slight burning sensation with the application of the peel. Most of the peels performed at Dr. Tranter Aesthetics take about 30 minutes total, however the application of the peel solution itself is only for a few minutes maximum, then it’s neutralised.

Afterwards you can expect your skin to look a little red (like a mild sunburn) for 24-48 hours, and then your skin will peel as the top layers are exfoliated away. The peeling process usually occurs after 5-7 days, but can take up to 10 days for deeper peels.

Take a look at the peels on offer in the clinic below:

Lactic Acid Peel

In strengths of 20%, 40% and 60% (physician-only) Lactic Acid is an AHA that brightens, gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin. This is a superficial peel that is well tolerated and also works on mild signs of photo-ageing. Perfect for those starting out with peels or with younger skin.

Pigment Peel

This peel combines Salicylic Acid and Tyrostat™-11, which work together to treat dark pigmented areas, uneven, dull lifeless skin. This re-texturising treatment effectively exfoliates, evens out skin tone. and illuminates complexion to restore radiance.

Problem Skin Peel

This peel uses Salicylic Acid and anti-inflammatory ingredients to clear the skin and soothe any redness or active acne lesions.

Glycolic Acid Peel

This powerful peel uses 40% Glycolic Acid, Lilac Plant Stem Cell Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extract to target significant signs of photo-damage and to treat rough, thickened skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, and to even the complexion.

Phytoretinoid Peel

A multi-action, resurfacing peel suitable for all skin types. Combining the retinoid-like response of Lanablue™, exfoliating action of Lactic Acid, protective antioxidant properties of Canadian Willowherb™ and calming Niacinamide, the Triple Action Peel helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation

Aspect Dr Power Peel

Retinol, and Emblica that work synergistically to deliver improved skin texture, clarity, and visibly brighter skin. Dramatically reduce the appearance of dark spots and visible signs of aging induced by UV exposure.


Emblica | A potent antioxidant that provides protection against external oxidative stress, including photo-damage, helping to illuminate and visibly diminish the signs of excessive UV exposure.

Glycolic Acid | The smallest molecular weight AHA that penetrates quickly and deeply to remove build-up of lifeless cells.

Kojic Acid | A powerful chelating agent that addresses the appearance of dark spots to even out complexion.

Lactic Acid | An AHA that exfoliates and encourages hydration to smooth and plump appearance.

Mandelic Acid | A larger molecular weight AHA that penetrates slowly for gentle exfoliation.

Salicylic Acid | An oil soluble BHA that works into pores to help minimise excess oil and lift debris to clarify complexion.

Retinoic Acid | Helps increase cell turnover, optimise skin function and improve overall appearance.

Ready to start your journey to clearer, brighter and more refined skin with a series of peels?


We understand you may have questions! Having a cosmetic procedure, or deciding to make some changes is a big decision. 

Rest assured that Dr. Tranter is approachable, honest, and happy to answer any questions you have.

Anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers can be used to address a number of skin concerns related to ageing. They can address lines and wrinkles and restore volume and structure to the face. They are some of the most widely used cosmetic treatments in the world and have been used for over 20 years in this area. Medical uses for anti-wrinkle treatments include migraine and excessive sweating solutions.

Please avoid consuming alcohol and taking medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Gingko Biloba, or Ginseng in the few days prior to your appointment as this will help to minimise bruising. To ensure high safety standards, a thorough medical and medication history will be completed prior to your treatment.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are well tolerated and do not require any anaesthetic, most people simply feel a slight sting. Dr Tranter uses a topical anaesthetic cream prior to dermal filler treatment and all the dermal fillers used have an anaesthetic blended into the filler itself, to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Immediately post-procedure you can see the plumping and smoothing effect of dermal fillers. Anti-wrinkle treatments take 2 weeks to reach their maximal effect.

Dr Tranter values your time and her own. If you can’t make your appointment we ask that you please giver her 24 hours notice.

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A unique three step peel system that contains a powerful blend of actives including Kojic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, 

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