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Enhancing Natural Beauty

The consultation is an opportunity to get to know you and your skin, and involves an assessment that takes into account your personal skin concerns; whether this is to address and improve a problem you have, or to maintain and protect your complexion. 

By utilising medical-grade dermal and advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our aim is to restore and reveal your skin’s potential while maintaining a natural approach. 

Each person is unique and so is their skin, and this is why every regime is tailored at your consultation.

What Happens To Our Skin As We age?

Over time our skin is exposed to a multitude of environmental assaults, the most damaging of which is UV radiation. UV exposure causes skin damage at the cellular level, causing collagen and elastin to degrade over time. 

This, in combination with genetic and predisposing factors, cause the classical signs of photo-ageing – pigmentation, dryness, redness and inflammation and the skin appears dull and lacklustre. Wrinkles, sagging skin and volume loss are the consequence of UV damage to the support structures in our skin and the repeated use of facial muscles of expression over time. 

In addition to seeing changes in the overlying skin, we also see changes in the the underlying structural support of the face. The facial muscles, fat pads and bone structure change over time, contributing to a loss of firmness and an inversion of the ‘Triangle of Youth’.  

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Can You Help With Concerns That Aren't Related To Ageing?

Yes! For some, the presence of acne and the resulting scarring or hyperpigmentation is a concern. Rosacea, causing increased sensitivity and inflammation, can be a problem for others. 

Dr. Tranter can also help you with these concerns to help you achieve youthful, healthy skin for a lifetime. 

In addition to advanced in-office dermal therapies, Dr. Tranter has formulated a range of skin care products that contain targeted actives and key ingredients that you can use at home. 

In order to address each of the key signs of photo-aged skin, and to treat a variety of skin concerns, Dr. Tranter has hand selected offerings designed to enhance, refine and reveal a refreshed version of you.  

Explore these at the links below:

Advanced Dermal Therapies

Designed to nurture, restore and revitalise your skin. Specifically selected to address the skin and changes that occur with photo-ageing. Encompassing skin assessment, VISIA Analysis, Physician-Only Peels and Skin Needling.

Non-Surgical Procedures

A variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. Including Anti-Wrinkle, Dermal Fillers, Skin Boosters and PDO Threads.

Do You Know And Understand Your Own Skin Type?


Normal skin provides an important barrier function and should have a balanced combination of hydration levels and oil production.  Most skin care topicals will work on this type of skin and the goal is to maintain a beautiful, healthy complexion for life.


Sensitive skin often reacts with redness or inflammation to cosmetics and skin care products. Specialised and proven medical grade products to help reduce inflammation and provide relief for sensitive skin are used in these cases, with careful follow up to ensure there are no adverse reactions.


Dry skin appears flaky and can feel itchy or tight. The barrier function of the skin is impaired when it is dehydrated, and products formulated specifically to help restore the skin to normal hydration levels are recommended. The goal is to restore and revitalise the skins appearance and vitality.


Oily skin has an excess of sebum production causing it to have a greasy appearance. Pores can become blocked and enlarged. With combination skin, this greasy effect is seen over the central face and forehead area.  Products specially formulated for this skin type are recommended in this case, with the goal of decreasing oiliness and refining the complexion.


Acne is an inflammatory condition that results from excess sebum production from the hair follicle, causing it to become blocked and inflamed. It is thought that bacteria, in addition to hormonal factors, contribute to the development of acne. It is vital to treat acne early to reduce the chance of scarring, and to positively improve the skin’s appearance and your confidence.

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Enhance Your Consultation with VISIA® Complexion Analysis

The state-of-the-art 7th Generation VISIA® Skin Analysis System captures high quality and consistent facial images that give unrivalled insight into the complexion.

It assesses 8 key areas of concern including surface spots, UV damage, porphyrins, wrinkles, skin texture, brown spots, red spots and pores. 

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